Some Genres I Write In

A Table of Contents
for the Collection
Unlocking the Air,
with Useful Classification of the Stories by Genre


I wrote this table of contents for Unlocking the Air when my editor at Harper Collins, Buz Wyeth, and I were planning out the collection. Buz remarked that he was having some problem describing the book because there was such a variety of stories in it. I said yes, indeed, there were stories of eighteen different genres, and I wrote him this TOC to prove it. He thought it was funny, but he wouldn't let me put it in the book. He knew how easily confused reviewers and critics are; he knew they were likely to take it seriously. Buz was a wise, kind editor. One of the things good editors do is protect writers from themselves.


Half Past Four

Multiplied Realism

The Professor's Houses

Miniaturized Realism

Ruby on the 67

Geriatric Realism


Californian Realism

The Creatures on my Mind

Bestial Realism

Standing Ground

Uncompromising Realism

The Spoons in the Basement

Oneiric Realism

Sunday in Summer in Seatown

Gertrudean Realism

In the Drought


Ether, OR

Oregonian Realism

Unlocking the Air

Orsinian Realism

A Child Bride

Mythological Fantasy

Climbing to the Moon

Temporal Fantasy

Daddy's Big Girl

Real Fantasy


Syntactical Fantasy


Vegetable Fantasy

The Wise Woman

Visionary Fantasy

The Poacher

Revisionary Fantasy

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