Always Coming Home to Spain:

Por todo el occidente:
12" vinyl and digital download now available

Setting these words into music was a process full of immediacy, kind of inspirational in a way that I am not completely sure that the songs are mine while I recognize them as part of my own folklore.

By recording and performing these songs I played with the idea of bringing back these future´s songs, restoring them for the present time, and delivering them into a tradition which is yet to come.

I did a solo recording, only guitar and voice, keeping it as simple as I can, so I can look for eventual collaboration of other artists and improvise, rearrange, modify the music as it is constantly done in folkloric music.

All trying to honour and spread Le Guin´s wonderful vision of the world.

Álvaro Barriuso

The Spanish guitarist and composer Àlvaro Barriuso has been setting some of the songs and dances from Always Coming Home, using the Spanish translation of the poems. The 12" vinyl and digital download are now available. He recorded this teaser with friends. — UKL

Por todo el occidente”; para Alvaro Barriuso from bkb on Vimeo.

The video is by Abajo Izquierdo. The stone mound is a Spanish shepherd’s hut. The words are a children’s song, “All in the Western Land,” and the dance is called Making the Gyre.

The original Kesh words are not available at this time, as our translator Pandora seems to be out of touch; but here is the English translation:

Circle around around the house

circle around and back

everything burning burning burning

everything burning black

O who will break the circle

O who will loose my hand

O who will be my lover

all in the western land

Open the circle around and out

and part and swing and pass

down along the valleys

and the yellow hills of grass

So make and break the circle

so take and loose my hand

so love and leave me dancing

all in the western land

Por todo el occidente
Álvaro Barriuso

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