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Drawing by Blake

Catwings 5

The Adventures of Catwings

by Mrs. Katz's First Grade Class

Chapter 1

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Drawing by Collin

After escaping from the apartment house, Jane flew to the other side of the city to visit with her mother and Sarah for a while.

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Drawing by Jake

Then Jane decided it was time to head back to Overhill Farm. She missed the other catwings -- Roger, Harriet, Thelma, and James. Jane missed her friend Alexander most of all.

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Drawing by Casey

Jane kissed her mother goodbye and flew off to Overhill Farm. When she got there, the other cats were so glad to see her. They licked her and kissed her all over. Alexander was the happiest of all.

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Drawing by Mat

When night came, they went to sleep in the hay barn. Alexander stayed in the barn instead of going to sleep in the farmhouse. In the middle of the night something strange happened. Alexander woke up and felt very funny. He didn't know what was wrong.

Chapter 2

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Drawing by Catelin

When the cats woke up in the morning, they saw an amazing sight -- Alexander had grown wings! All the catwings cheered. Alexander started doing a dance because he was really, really happy! Alexander started running. Then he spread his wings and jumped up. Alexander could fly!

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Drawing by Brooke

Roger, Thelma, Harriet, James, and Jane couldn't believe their eyes. They all flew around Alexander.

"Oh, Alexander," said Jane. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Jane," said Alexander.

"Jane, will you be my wife?" asked Alexander.

"Yes, Alexander!" said Jane.

The catwings were all very happy.

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Drawing by Henry

"I have an idea," said Thelma. "Let's all fly back to the city so our mother can meet Alexander!"

"That's a great idea," said the rest of the catwings.

Chapter 3

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Drawing by Ben

So the six catwings — Roger, Thelma, Harriet, James, Jane, and Alexander flew off to the city to visit Mrs. Jane Tabby.

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Drawing by Dalin

It was a very long trip. The catwings stopped at the same places along the way. They even saw the owl that had frightened Alexander before.

"I'm not afraid of you anymore," said Alexander. He chased the owl far away from the other catwings.

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Drawing by Jade

Alexander was not watching how far he was flying. He turned to go back but he realized he was lost.

"I know," said Alexander. "I'll use my Homing Instinct."

He thought for a moment and headed off in one direction. In a few minutes he was back safely with the other catwings.

"We were beginning to get a little worried about you, Alexander," said Jane.

"I'm just fine!" said Alexander.

Chapter 4

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Drawing by Kaitlyn

After a short while they could see the tall buildings of the city. They landed on the buildings with the flowerpots on top.

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Drawing by Clay

The found Mrs. Jane Tabby asleep in Sarah's arms.

"Mother, Mother," sang Thelma and Roger.

"We're here to see you," said Harriet and James.

"Open your eyes!" called Jane and Alexander.

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Drawing by Emma

Mrs. Jane Tabby opened one eye and then the other. She couldn't believe her eyes.

"Children," she cried, "You are all here together."

"And who are you?" she said to Alexander. "You have wings but you are not my child!"

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Drawing by Sonny

"Mother," said Jane, "This is our good friend Alexander. He used to be a regular cat. But one night Alexander slept with us in the barn. When he woke up in the morning, he had wings! We don't know how it happened."

"It's nice to meet you, Alexander," said Mrs. Jane Tabby.

"It's great to finally meet you, Mrs. Tabby," said Alexander, "I've heard so much about you."

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Drawing by Nicholas

"Mother," said Jane shyly, "We have a surprise for you. Alexander and I are married!"

"That's wonderful," purred Jane Tabby.

When she tried to get up from Sarah's lap, the catwings could see that Jane tabby was in a lot of pain.

"What's wrong, Mother?" asked Roger and James.

"Oh, my dears, I am just getting very, very old," she said sadly.

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Drawing by Linden

"I have an idea," said Harriet. "Let's take Mother back to Overhill Farm to live with us!"

Everyone thought that was a great idea, especially Mrs. Jane Tabby.

Chapter Five

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Drawing by Jailee

The next day, Jane Tabby said goodbye to Sarah Wolf. The catwings headed back to Overhill Farm.

They each took a turn carrying their mother on their backs. They got back home in no time.

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Drawing by Wyatt

Hank and Susan couldn't believe their eyes when they saw all the catwings flying into the barn. Alexander was carrying Mrs. Jane Tabby on his back.

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Drawing by Anika

"Well," said Hank, "It looks like we have some big changes around here!"

They brought some food for all the catwings and Mrs. Jane Tabby. Then they left them alone to rest.

Chapter Six

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Drawing by April

In the morning, the catwings woke up early. They were feeling very happy.

"It's so nice to all be together now," said Roger.

"We have some wonderful news," said Jane and Alexander.

"We are going to have a little kitten!"

"We want to name her Angel."

All the catwings cheered.

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Drawing by Bethany

Mrs. Jane Tabby looked the happiest of all.

"That means, my dear catwings, I am going to be... a GRANDMA!"

The End

Thanks to Mrs. Katz' First Grade Class

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