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Drawing by Scout

Catwings 6

Grandma Jane and her Grandkittens

by Mrs. Katz's First Grade Class
November 24, 2003


December 17, 2003

Dear Ursula Le Guin,

We have written a new catwings book! We think you'll really enjoy it. Thank you for writing the other Catwings books. We really like it when our teacher reads them to us. We hope you have very happy holidays.

Mrs. Katz' First Grade Class

Chapter 1

Page 1

Drawing by Ashley

Mrs. Jane Tabby was happy to be living at Overhill Farm with her children. She was so excited that Jane and Alexander were going to have a baby kitten. Soon she would be a grandma!

Page 2

Drawing by Katie

One night, the catwings were fast asleep in the barn. Jane woke up and felt a little rumbly in her tummy. She woke up Alexander. He was wondering if the baby kitten was going to be born.

Page 3

Drawing by Garrett

Jane and Alexander woke up Harriet and James. Then they woke up Thelma, Roger, and Mrs. Jane Tabby. In just a little while, Jane had her baby, Angel!

Page 4

Drawing by Scout

But then Jane started feeling rumbly in her tummy, again! Soon she had another baby kitten, and then another.

Page 5

Drawing by Shaylee

All the catwings were very excited and surprised.

"I thought you were only going to have one kitten," said Mrs. Jane Tabby. "But you had three -- two girls and one boy!"

Page 6

Drawing by Wyatt

The baby kittens were so cute. Their eyes were closed and they looked like little mice.

"Please help us name the other kittens," said Jane and Alexander

Everyone thought for a long time. Then they all decided to name the other kittens Crystal and Alex.

Chapter Two

Page 7

Drawing by Jacob

The baby catwings grew very quickly. Angel was white, Alex was brown, Crystal was black and...

Page 8

Drawing by Tres

They all had wings! Soon they were flying around Overhill Farm with their mom and dad and their aunts and uncles. Mrs. Jane Tabby was so proud of her new grandkittens!

Chapter Three

Page 9

Drawing by Kasandra

One day, Mrs. Jane Tabby woke up very early. She was feeling great and she wanted to go for a walk by herself. All the catwings were fast asleep. She left very quietly.

Page 10

Drawing by Chase B.

Mrs. Jane Tabby walked for a long time. She felt very tired so she decided to take a short nap.

Page 11

Drawing by Natalie

When the catwings woke up, they didn't see Mrs. Jane Tabby. They were very worried.

Page 12

Drawing by Veona

"We'll go and look for her," cried Alex, Angel, and Crystal.

"Are you sure?" asked Jane and Alexander

"Yes!" said the kittens.

Chapter Four

Page 13

Drawing by Chase D.

The kittens flew off into the woods.

"Grandma, Grandma," they called. There was no answer.

Page 14

Drawing by Wes

The kittens flew for a long time. They were getting very tired so they flew down to rest.

Page 15

Drawing by Garrtt

They walked over to a river to get a drink of water. They saw Grandma Jane fast asleep in a pile of leaves next to the river.

Page 16

Drawing by Bryson

"Grandma Jane, are you all right?" said the kittens.

Mrs. Jane Tabby woke up.

"Why yes, my dears. I am fine. I guess I took a very long nap!"

Chapter Five

Page 17

Drawing by Mackenzie

"Let's go home, Grandma," said Angel. "Everyone is very worried about you."

The kittens walked Grandma Jane back to the farm.

Page 18

Drawing by Jolene

All the other catwings were so happy to see her.

"I promise I won't go wandering off ever again without my wonderful grandkittens!" said Mrs. Jane Tabby.

The End

Thanks to Mrs. Katz' First Grade Class

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