Changing Planes

A New Collection of Short Stories

by Ursula K. Le Guin

by Eric Beddows


Women's Review of Books

"Ursula K. Le Guin has been at the top of her form for so long that it's easy to forget just how 'top' that form is...

Ursula Le Guin has long delighted in sending her characters into cultures whose unexpected conventions challenge everything the newcomers holds to be self-evident. In the delicate, occasionally disastrous interplay that follows first contact, both host and visitor are irrevocably changed, and likewise the reader, who experiences events from both perspectives. Despite the brevity of each interplanetary visit in Changing Planes, the armchair traveler will return home with images and insights that promise to last longer than most snapshots and duty-free purchases."

Susanna J. Sturgis
[complete review at Women's Review of Books]

The Bloomsbury Review

"These 16 stories are distilled Le Guin, a series of spare, conceptual parables strung with witty and deadly serious satire. In her impeccable prose, without rancor but also without illusion, Le Guin casts a clear eye on this world of ours, and delineates all the heinous and dazzling things it is and was and may become."

The Bloomsbury Review


Table of Contents

* Previously published stories

July 2003
ISBN: 0151009716
August 2005

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