Email Experiment: What's Happened So Far

21 September 2006

The email experiment is suspended for evaluation.

16 August 2006

The experiment has been successful and interesting so far. A lot of mail has come from Japan, from people who have seen Goro Miyazaki's Earthsea film "Gedo Senki" — some lamenting that the film departs so far from the books, others vigorously defending the film, and others simply describing and discussing it. I thank all these writers.

NOTE: I am not using this address to do business or to answer invitations to submit work, attend events, blurb books, or anything else. To get an answer to such mail, send it to my agent, please. I read every letter but I cannot answer questions personally, though if they seem of general interest or the same question comes from several different people, I will try to answer here on the site.

Juan Miguel, thank you for the pictures. Stuart, thank you for the interesting review. Melinda, Jon, Sam, Caroline, Luke, Jacqueline, Greg in New Zealand, Alexander in Moscow — thank you for your kind, generous letters! Responses like yours are a terrific gift to a writer.

16 August 2006
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