Tad Nyggja Atlantis

This is a news item for my readers who read Faroese:

Hanus Kamban has made an anthology of fantasy stories, translated into Faroese, called Tad Nyggja Atlantis. It contains stories by N. Hawthorne, H.G. Wells, E.M. Forster, J.L. Borges, I.B. Singer, G. Greene, J.G. Ballard, B. Shaw, and U.K. Le Guin. It is a fat, handsome paperback, printed in Torshavn, 2002.

There are not a great many speakers of Faroese (the language of the Faroe Islands) in the world. To my mind that much increases the honor of seeing my "New Atlantis" translated into it.

Languages, like species, are dying daily. If they were replaced by other species, other languages, the way they used to be, that would be no matter. Many deaths, many lives. So the world goes round.

But they're not being replaced — only displaced — by the Master Race and the Dominant Speech. Many deaths, one life. The world stops here?

All I know is, I don't like the idea of a world where everybody talks the same way everywhere all the time. A world where translation is not needed. A world where everybody thinks they know what everybody else is saying and there's nothing to show them that they don't, and can't, and never will...

Long live the Tower of Babel, long live the Faroes!


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Updated Tuesday, 18-Jun-2019 10:14:29 EDT