Petition Letter to the Judge of the Google Book Settlement.

and List of Authors Opposing the Settlement

The following petition was submitted to Judge Chin on January 26th, 2010, with the names of the 367 authors who signed it with me.

I am proud to be in their company.

The petition and the list of names will remain posted until the court hearing in February.

Names that came in just past the deadline are listed separately, as supporters of our effort.

It’s no longer possible to sign the petition. But you are welcome to join the discussion of the Google Settlement and related issues at the Book View Cafe blog.


Petition Concerning the Google Book Settlement


The Google Settlement was negotiated by the Authors Guild, without consultation with any other group of authors or American authors as a whole. The Guild cannot and does not speak for all American writers. Its settlement cannot be seen as reflecting the will or interest of any group but the Guild.


Three groups of American writers, the National Writers Union, the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, are opposed to the settlement. So are all the signatories of this letter: professional writers, who make part or all their living from their copyrights.


Ireland, India, South Africa, and New Zealand (countries with active publication in English) protested the settlement and have been exempted from it. The governments of Germany and France protested unregulated digitization and have been exempted from the Settlement (and the French Government is suing Google for illegal digitization of copyrighted property.)


We ask that the United States also be exempted from the settlement. We ask that the principle of copyright, which is directly threatened by the settlement, be honored and upheld in the United States.


The “opt-out” clause in the Settlement is most disturbing:

First, it seems unfair that, by the terms of the class-action settlement, authors can officially present objections to the Court only by being “opted in” to the settlement and thereby subjecting themselves to its terms.

Second, while the “opt-out” clause appears to offer authors an easy way to defend their copyright, in fact it disguises an assault on authors’ rights. Google, like any other publisher or entity, should be required to obtain permission from the owner to purchase or use copyrighted material, item by item.


There is no justification for reversing that rule by forcing copyright owners to defend their right against every careless or predatory use of the material, thus rendering copyright essentially meaningless.


The United States Department of Justice agrees, having declared that Google should negotiate individually with copyright holders. The Director of the United States Copyright Office calls the Settlement “an end-run around copyright law.”


The free and open dissemination of information and of literature, as it exists in our Public Libraries, can and should exist in the electronic media. All authors hope for that. But we cannot have free and open dissemination of information and literature unless the use of written material continues to be controlled by those who write it or own legitimate right in it. We urge our government and our courts to allow no corporation to circumvent copyright law or dictate the terms of that control.

— Ursula K. Le Guin

Author List

Millicent Borges Accardi

Danny Adams

Max Adams

Nona Aguilar

Brigit Aine

Sara Amis

Karla Andersdatter

Douglas A. Anderson

Donna Andrews

Judith Arcana

William H. Ash III

Lori K. Baker

Susan Pease Banitt

Douglas Barbour (CANADA)

Darryl Barnes

David M. Bartell

Anita Bartholomew

Ray Bartlett

Michel Basilieres (Canada)

Elizabeth Bear

Marc Beaudin

Georgia Beaverson

William Bedford

Angela Benedetti

Carol Berg

Gail J. Berg

Mary Rose Betten

David Biespiel

Madeline Bodin

Moe Bowstern (aka Lara Mulvaney)

Irene Brady

R V Branham

Greg Breining

Marie Brennan

Patricia Briggs

Steven Brown (Stan!)

N M Browne (UK)

Jonathan Buckley

Beverly Burmeier

Ken Burnside

Julie Ann Burton/Jenn Saint-John

M.L. Bushman

Charles Butler

Mary Lynn Cabrall

Ken Cadow

Sheila Callahan

Mike Cane

Michael Capobianco

Amy Sterling Casil

Richard Cass

Victor M. Cassidy

Christine Cole Catley

Karen Christino

Margaret Chula

Chris Clarke

Amanda Cockrell

Brian E. Cooper

E.W. (Ellen) Count

Brad Crawford

J.D. Crayne

Barbara Crooker

Eliza Cross

Raul daSilva

Meryl Davids

Steve Davidson

Robert A. Davies

Kathryn Lynn Davis

Milly Dawson

Francesca De Grandis

Guy Anthony De Marco

Pamela Dean

Stephen Delaney

Alyx Dellamonica

Barbara Demarco-Barrett

Jackie Dishner

Roger Dorband

John Dougherty (U.K.)

Ramsay Dow

Matt Doyle

Noreen Doyle

Laree Draper

Dave Draper

Lisa Duchene

Joe Dully

Hal Duncan

Ann Dupuis

E.T. (Cy) Eberhart

John Edge

Rosemary Edghill

Sabine Eiche

Carol Ekarius

Michael Elcock

Thomas Evans

D.R. Evans

Julie Fanselow

Fawn Fitter

Judith Fitzgerald

Sean P. Fodera

Tim Folger

James Talbot Frain

Scott Fratcher

Barb Freda

I.G. Frederick

Judith Freeman

Rebecca French

Paula Friedman

Mark L. Fuerst

Cathie Gandel

Lynne Garner (U.K.)

Melissa Gaskill

Phillis Gershator

Jason E. Gillikin

Laura Anne Gilman

Rachel Gladstone-Gelman

Molly Gloss

Joe Gold

Kim Goldberg

Stephanie Golden

Toni Goldfarb

Lisa Goldstein

Mickey Goodman

Michelle Goodman

Felicity Goodyear-Smith (NZ)

Jodie Gould

Steven Gould

Timothy Gower

Rosalie V. Grafe

Shawn Granger

Beverly Gray

Frances Grimble

Mavis Guinard

Eileen Gunn

Marilyn Hacker

Andrea Hairston

Nancy W. Hall

Kate Hanley

Nick Harkaway (UK)

Lisa Harkrader

Deborah Harmes

Edward Hasbrouck

Justin Adams Haven

John Hedtke

John G. Hemry/Jack Campbell

John Henley

Saxon Henry

Roland Hess

James A. Hetley

Jack Hillman

Bill Hinchberger

Jim C. Hines

Peter Hobbs

Harriet Hodgson

Rachel Holmes (U.K.)

Lynley Hood (N.Z.)

Kay Hooper

Elizabeth Meade Howard

Keri Hulme (N.Z)

Deborah R. Huso

Blake Hutchins

Shane Ivey

Angie Jabine

Betsy James

Roby James

Victoria Janssen

Jan Jasper

Liesl Jobson (SOUTH AFRICA)

Judith Johnson

Larissa Brittany Johnson

Gwyneth Jones

Miracle Jones

Spike Y Jones

Mary Kaiser

Stacia Kane

Judith Karpova

Christine Kuehn Kelly

Steve Kenson

Claire J. Keyes

Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

Brittany Kingston

James Kite

Ellen Klages

Martin Klimes

Andrew Kozma

Bill Kropla

Ondine Brooks Kuraoka

Louise Lacey

Mercedes Lackey

Marc Laidlaw

Sarah Lamstein

Ruth Laney

Cassandra Langer

Katherine Langrish

Rodger Larson

Jack Lasenby (N.Z.)

Janine Latus

Christina R. Lay

Jack Baldwin LeClair

Stephen Leigh

Lisbeth Levine

John R Levine

Isaac Levy

Peter R. Limburg

Jonathan Lipkin

Norman M. Lobsenz

Elise Logan

James Lowder

Sallie Lowenstein

Michael W Lucas

Rosalie Maggio

Daryl F Mallett

Roger Marshall

Lee Martindale

Joan Mazza

Gwendolyn R. McAlister

Michael McCallister

Bonnie McGinnis

Vonda N. McIntyre

Mary Mihaly

Sandra Miller-Louden

Randi Minetor

Fred Minnick

Devon Monk

Elizabeth Moon

John Moore

Robin Morgan

Stephen Morrill

Evan Morris

Nancy Mulvany

Moira Munro (U.K)

Kim Murphy

Randy Myers

Katherine Nabity

Joanna Nadin

Elizabeth Sussman Nassau

Judy Nedry

Erik Ness

Richard Jeffrey Newman

Claire Nolan

Fredrick Rea O'Keefe

Jerry Oltion

Luis Ortiz

Naomi Otsubo

James A. Owen

Lisa L. Owens

Helen Oyeyemi

Maggie M. Paquet (CANADA)

Richard Parks

Wendy Patterson

Claudia Pearson

Susan K. Perry

Lawrence Person

Catherine M. Petrini

Evelyn Jean Pine

Lavinia Pisano

Kate Pocock

Paul Preuss

Joan Price

John Pritchard (U.K.)

Tom Purdom

Alexis Quinlan

Phyllis Radford

Cornelia Read

Melissa Readon

Bonnie Remsberg

Laura Resnick

Karen Packard Rhodes

Dick Richards

Linda Riebel

Mimi Riser

Madeleine E. Robins

Kim Stanley Robinson

Deborah Robson

Peter Rock

John Rosengren

Betsy Rosenthal

Adrienne Ross

Carolee Ross

Manuel Royal

John Royce

Beth Rubin

Helen Ruggieri

Sue Russell

Jesse Jayne Rutherford

Vicki Salemi

Deb Salisbury

Anne Sanders (Australia)

Patricia Sargeant

Willa Schneberg

Lani Schonberg

Candace Schuler

Daylle Deanna Schwartz

Kamila Shamsie

Marie Shear

Anna Sheehan

Tamara Sheehan

Jean Sheldon

Walt Shiel

Denise Siino

Andrew G. Simpson

Ruth Singer

Vandana Singh

Shelley Slouza

Sonya Smith

Karen Smith (CANADA)

Cheryl Solimini

Lisa Spangenberg

Bud Sparhawk

Philip Spiegel

Gillian Spraggs (United Kingdom)

Charles C. Spray

Michael A. Stackpole

Allen Steele

Jonathan Steinberg

John Stickler

Brooke C. Stoddard

Michael Swanwick

Claire Sykes

Judith Tarr

James Taylor

Charlene Teglia

Philip Temple (N.Z.)

Malinda Terry

Allan Terry

Bridget Mintz Testa

Sheree Renee Thomas

Amy Thomson

Jeff Tidball

Rachel Tillman

Pamela Toler

Debra Traverso

Liza Groen Trombi

Jerome Tuccille

Barbara J. Turner

Donna Van Cleve

Raymond Van Over

Elisabeth Vonarburg (Canada)

Dian Vujovich

Ken Wachsberger

John Walker (Australia)

James Waller

Jo Walton

Andrea Warren

John F. Wasik

Bud Webster

Katharine Webster

Marvin Weisbord

Henry Wessels

Brook West

Martha Ullman West

Victoria Wheeler

Charles Whipple

Russell Wild

Lorraine Wilde

Elizabeth Wiley

Bill Williams

Bob Wilson

Brandon Wilson

Marsha Winborn

Michele Wojciechowski

Jenny Woolf (U.K.)

Jennifer Worick

Sharon Wood Wortman

Helen S. Wright (UK)

Jan Wright

Rustin H. Wright

Jane Yolen

Martin Zucker

Supporters of the Effort

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