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21 October 1929–22 January 2018


  1. A Few Words to a Young Writer
  2. A Rejection Letter
  3. Manuscript Preparation
  4. A Sketchy Introduction to Copyright and Contracts
  5. Steering the Craft
  6. What Makes a Story
  7. A Message about Messages
  8. Plausibility in Fantasy
  9. Plausibility Revisited:
    Wha Hoppen and What Didn’t
  10. Some Genres I Write in:
    A Table of Contents for the Collection Unlocking the Air, with Useful Classification of the Stories by Genre
  11. Being an Editor, by Guest Columnist Michael Kandel
  12. What Freelance Writers Get Paid and How
  13. On Rules of Writing, or, Riffing on Rechy

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