Clif Kroeber’s Five-Point Plan for Peace and Security

(Clif Kroeber is my eldest brother, a retired professor of history. His ideas on these subjects are the precious fruit of many years of political observation and patient thought as to how we may best seek and maintain peace and freedom. I wish they could be more widely known. — ukl)

  1. We follow the 1954 treaty and UN accords forbidding us from attacking other nations (save when our defense requires action).
  2. We withdraw our very large-scale military occupations — Japan, Korea, Germany, Great Britain — and avoid others, such as Colombia.
  3. We must bring home almost all the 230,000 uniformed soldiers now in 141 countries now not at war.
  4. We give up trying to achieve “stability” and “democracy” wherever we occupy or invade. This has never succeeded.
  5. Above all, we seek security INSIDE THE UNITED STATES where ports, airports, and other sites are not today protected or guarded:

    For our children and grandchildren.

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