Cover for The Wave in the Mind by Ursula K. Le guin

The Wave in the Mind

Talks and Essays on the Writer, the Reader, and the Imagination

Shambhala Publications
January 2004
ISBN: 1590300068

Table of Contents

Personal Matters

Introducing Myself

Being Taken for Granite

Indian Uncles

My Libraries

My Island

On the Frontier


All Happy Families

Things Not Actually Present

Reading Young, Reading Old

Thinking About Cordwainer Smith

Stress Rhythm in Poetry and Prose

Rhythmic Pattern in The Lord of the Rings

The Wilderness Within

Off the Page: Loud Cows

Discussions and Opinions

Fact and/or/plus Fiction

Award and Gender [Correction & apology]

On Genetic Determinism

About Feet

Dogs, Cats, and Dancers: Thoughts about Beauty

Collectors, Rhymesters, and Drummers

Literature is the Operating Instructions

"A War Without End"

On Writing

A Matter of Trust

The Writer and the Character

Unquestioned Assumptions

Prides (with two illustrations)

"Where do you get your ideas from?"

Old Body Not Writing

The Writer On, and At, Her Work

Shambhala Publications
January 2004
ISBN: 1590300068

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